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ASP.NET Multi-Select Radio Buttons

“HERESY!” you say, “Radio buttons are for single-select items! If you want multi-select, use checkboxes!” Well, I would agree, and that is why I consider this a significant bug that ASP. Read more →

Odd Profiler Results with EF4

I have been doing some testing of using the Microsoft Entity Framework 4 with stored procedures and ran across some really odd results in SQL Server Profiler. The application that is running which uses Entity Framework 4 is a simple Web Application written in C#, and the Entity Data Model is actually contained in a referenced class library of its own. Read more →

Too Clever for My Own Good

Yesterday I caught myself being a little too clever for my own good with some ASP.NET code. It seems that I have forgotten some of my good old classic HTML and JavaScript skills, and become too dependent on the . Read more →

Guessing Excel Data Types

Note to Self HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engines\Excel: TypeGuessRows = 0 means scan everything. Note to Others About 10 years ago I stumbled across this bit of information just when I needed it and it saved my project. Read more →

Debug – Terminate All

I was debugging an ASP.NET Web Application Project today and when I got to a breakpoint and then clicked the Stop Debugging tool button, it appeared to stop just fine, closing Internet Explorer and returning me to my editor. Read more →

Debugging with IE8

I recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 because I was having an issue with a collection of sites that I visit regularly (typically opening them in a tab group). There is something renegade that frequently caused IE7 to crash if I too-quickly closed a tab and tried to scroll or quickly close another tab. Read more →