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Math geek humor

A derivative is walking down the street and sees a hot function.

So he grabs her, takes her into the bushes and differentiates her once.

Little later he sees another function and differentiates her twice.

He goes on an sees this super hot function. really sexy.

So he grabs her and differentiates her once and nothing, differentiates her second time, still nothing.

After 10 unsuccessfull differentiations he gets tired and asks the function:

"How come i can't differentiate you???!???"

And the function answers:

"HA!! That because i'm ex !!!"

and beats the crap out the derivative.

Legacy Comments

re: Math geek humor
Err but its e^x still :-)...

Thought this was some sort undefined function for a while...

Funny :)

re: Math geek humor
better would have been if the function was sin(1/x) as x->0

re: Math geek humor
HA HA HA so funny. I love Math with all of my heart. I wish I had differentiated that hot function too. I'll tell my students that joke too in the classroom.

re: Math geek humor
maths is shit get a life. YOU BASTARD

re: Math geek humor
thanx for that valuable input, Tom.

re: Math geek humor
So Tom goes into a site that's obviously about something he considers shit only to say so and then recomend people to get a life. Seriously, this troll should follow his own advice, he's the shit here, not math. Math rules!! I love it. :D