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Book Review: Inside SQL Server 2005: THE STORAGE ENGINE

This book authored by Kalen Delaney whose Inside SQL Server books are compulsory reading for every DBA

hits the nail on the head with this one too.

The book goes into hardcore details of how the storage engine itself works.

Let's review what is covered in each chapter:


Chapter 1: Installing and Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

     An overview of things to consider when migrating/upgrading to SQL Server 2005

Chapter 2: SQL Server 2005 Architecture

     Hardcore stuff begins. talks about components of the engine and it's memory management.

Chapter 3: SQL Server 2005 Configuration

     Covers Configuration Manager and general System Configuration

Chapter 4: Databases and Database Files

     Covers pretty much everything you need to know about database structure, manupulation, moving,

     space allocation, options, security, etc…

Chapter 5: Logging and Recovery

     Going from simple backup to complex maintainance. Very informative.

Chapter 6: Tables

     How tables work, their internal storage, creating, altering, etc…

Chapter 7: Index Internals and Management

     This chapter blew my mind. Indexes being one of the most important parts of a good database are explaind in every little detail.

     From structure to reindexing and internal data modifications. This should be known by every DBA.

Chapter 8: Locking and Concurency

     Covers locking, concurrency transaction processing, row versionsing, etc…


With "only" 8 hard read chapters this book is meant for DBA's. It has such in-depth internal workings information that knowing it makes you very good at your job.

Personally I only needed in-depth information in chapters 6, 7 and 8 but that's only because i'm not really into hardcore DBA stuff. :)


Amazon link here.