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SSMS Tools Pack 1.9 is out!

This is a release that fixes all known bugs. If you encounter any new ones don’t hesitate to report them. :)

The main feature list hasn’t changed.

A few improvements have been made though:

Save SQL Snippets to HTML and/or print them directly from SSMS.

In Window Connection Coloring the server names can now be regular expressions giving you the ability to color multiple servers with the same color.

Here’s a blog from David Levy (Blog|Twitter) about the new window connection coloring using regular expression and why is it really useful to him. Thanx for kind words Dave.


You can download the new version 1.9 here.

Enjoy it!

Legacy Comments

Great! CRUD variables
What a great tool! I looking to pimp out the CRUD templates is there a complete list of variables that can be used in these templates? Is there a way to include current datetime? Conditional ? etc.