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The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team based Development Free e-book

RG_Book_CoverAfter about 6 months of work, the new book I've coauthored with Grant Fritchey (Blog|Twitter), Phil Factor (Blog|Twitter) and Alex Kuznetsov (Blog|Twitter) is out. They're all smart folks I talk to online and this book is packed with good ideas backed by years of experience.

The book contains a good deal of information about things you need to think of when doing any kind of multi person database development. Although it's meant for SQL Server, the principles can be applied to any database platform out there. In the book you will find information on: writing readable code, documenting code, source control and change management, deploying code between environments, unit testing, reusing code, searching and refactoring your code base. I've written chapter 5 about Database testing and chapter 11 about SQL Refactoring.

In the database testing chapter (chapter 5) I cover why you should test your database, why it is a good idea to have a database access interface composed of stored procedures, views and user defined functions, what and how to test. I talk about how there are many testing methods like black and white box testing, unit and integration testing, error and stress testing and why and how you should do all those. Sometimes you have to convince management to go for testing in the development lifecycle so I give some pointers and tips how to do that. Testing databases is a bit different from testing object oriented code in a way that to have independent unit tests you need to rollback your code after each test. The chapter shows you ways to do this and also how to avoid it. At the end I show how to test various database objects and how to test access to them.

In the SQL Refactoring chapter (chapter 11) I cover why refactor and where to even begin refactoring. I also who you a way to achieve a set based mindset to solve SQL problems which is crucial to good SQL set based programming and a few commonly seen problems to refactor. These problems include: using functions on columns in the where clause, SELECT * problems, long stored procedure with many input parameters, one subquery per condition in the select statement, cursors are good for anything problem, using too large data types everywhere and using your data in code for business logic anti-pattern.

You can read more about it and download it here: The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team-based Development

Hope you like it and send me feedback if you wish too.

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re: The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team based Development Free e-book
Mladen! DUDE!!! Outstanding to see your name in print. Can't wait to read the book. Congratulations for your efforts. <oh, and the other guys, too> ;D

Ajarn Mark Caldwell
re: The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team based Development Free e-book
Congratulations on the book release, Mladen! I just read your chapter (11) on Refactoring...great stuff! Good timing, too, since I'm in the middle of a MAJOR refactoring project at work!

re: The Red Gate Guide to SQL Server Team based Development Free e-book
Good book. Rather useful...