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SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 is released. New website, improved licensing and features.

New website
Nice, isn't it? Cleaner, simpler, better looking and more modern.
If you have any suggestions for further improvements I'd be glad to hear them.

Simpler licensing
With SSMS tools Pack 2.7 the licensing is finally where it should be.
It is now based on the activate/deactivate model.
This way you can move a license from machine to machine with simple deactivation on one and
reactivation on another machine. Much better, no?
Because of very good feedback I have added an option for 6 machines and lowered the 4 machines option to 3 machines.
This should make it much simpler for you to choose the right option for yourself.

Improved features
Version 2.5.3 was already extremely stable and 2.7 continues with that tradition.
Because of that I could fully focus on features and why 3.0 will rock even more that 2.7! ;)
In version 2.7 I have addressed quite a few improvements you were requesting for a while now.

SQL History
This is probably the biggest time saver out there, therefore it's only fair it gets a few important updates.
  • If you have an existing .sql file opened, the Window Content History now saves your code
    to that existing file and also makes a backup in the SQL History log default location.
    Search is still done through the SQL History log but the Tab Sessions Restore opens your existing .sql file.
    This way you don't have to remember to save your existing files by yourself anymore.
  • A bug when you couldn't search properly if you copied the log files to a new location was fixed.
    Unfortunately this removed the option to filter a search with the time component.
    The smallest search interval is now one day.
  • The SSMS Tools Pack now remembers the visibility of the Current Window History window when you exit SSMS.

SQL Snippets
You can now set the position of the cursor in your snippets by placing {C} somewhere in your snippet.
It's a small improvement but can be a huge time saver since you don't have to move through
the snippet to the desired location anymore.

Run script on multiple databases
Database choices can now be saved with a name and then loaded again next time.
You can also choose to run the script in a new window for each chosen database.

Search through grid results
You can now go previous/next search result with the Prev/Next control inside the search window.
This is extremely useful if you have a large resultset. IT saves you the scrolling.

CRUD generator
Four new variables have been added:
  • |CurrentDate| writes current date in format yyyy-MM-dd to your script
  • |CurrentTime| writes current time in 24h format HH:mm:ss to your script
  • |CurrentWinUser| writes current Windows logged on user to your script
  • |CurrentSqlUser| writes current SQL logged on login to your script
This was actually quite a requested feature so if you have any other ideas for extra variables, do let me know.

That's about it. I hope you're going to enjoy this version as much as the previous ones.
Have fun!

Legacy Comments

re: SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 is released. New website, improved licensing and features.
It is a shame there is not a single user free license anymore. So long, it's been a good ride while it lasted

re: SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 is released. New website, improved licensing and features.
Yeah, but 25 euros is not that much, is it? :)

re: SSMS Tools Pack 2.7 is released. New website, improved licensing and features.
I wasn't happy that the tool wasn't free anymore, but I tried to go without it for a little while and that was painful. So, since the price is very reasonable and it is such a useful tool that I use almost every day, I decided it was well worth the small cost.