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Invitation to startup meeting for PASS Scania

PASS Scania is a new PASS chapter in Sweden which will promote the interest, networking and knowledge for professional SQL Server-users such as developers, DBA's and BI-specialist in Skåne. The Chapter also has a business alliance with an existing usergroup SQLUG.
All developers who use SQL Server platform in their work is welcome to participate in the seminars with start february 4th 2010. Both consultants and employees are welcome.
Membership and seminars are free and activities are mainly sponsored events.
First meeting is held in feburary where new members have the opportunity to present themself, we will present the agenda for 2010 and we will also demonstrate the new Microsoft PowerPivot platform.
Further seminars will include how to read and interpret execution plans, how to decide for an index strategy and query performance considerations.
Welcome to PASS Scania first event on the 4th of February 2010 at S:t Gertruds in Malmö at 18:00. More about agenda is found on where you also register. Number of seats are limited and are restricted to sequence of registrations."

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