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Feedback from SQLBits 8

This years SQLBits occurred in Brighton. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to attend the full conference, I did a presentation at Saturday.

Getting to Brighton was easy. Drove to Copenhagen airport at 0415, flew 0605 and arrived at Gatwick 0735. Then I took the direct train to Brighton and showed up at 0830, just one hour before presenting. This was the easy part.

Getting home was much worse. Presentation ended at 1030 and I had to rush to the train station to get back to London, change to tube for Heathrow. Made it at the gate just 15 seconds before closing. That included a half mile run in the airport…

Anyway, yesterday I got the feedback for my presentation. It does look good, especially since English is not my first language.

This is the first graph

Seems to be just halfway between conference average and best session. I can live with that.

Second graph shows more detail about attendees voting.

It also look acceptable. A wider spread for the 9’s, but it is an inevitable effect from how attendees percept the session. I did get a lot of 8’s and the lower grades in an descending order. The two people voting 4 and 5 didn’t say why they voted this so I don’t know how to remedy this.

Third graph is about each category of votes.


Again, I find this acceptable. The Session abstract and Speaker’s knowledge seems to follow attendees expectations compared to conference average.
I seem to have met the attendees expectations (and some more) for the other four categories, also compared to conference average.

Since this did encourage me, I believe I will present some more at future meetings. I do have a new presentation about something all developers are doing every day but they may not know it.

I will also cover this new topic in the next Deep Dives II book.

Stay tuned!