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SQLCLR aggregate function

Phew! Now it's finally done. I haven't coded outside SQL Server since 2007 and that was with VB version 6.0. Well, I felt the need to start code again (at least for SQLCLR), since there are many tasks that will be easier to do with a SQLCLR routine. Read more →

CHAR(0) is not that innocent you may think

Some days ago I posted a solution for a simple problem on a forum about to delete multiple spaces in one statement (not using loop). My suggestion was declare@s varchar(100) set@s = 'xxxx yyyyy zzzzzz' SELECTREPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(@s, ' ', ' ' + CHAR(2)), CHAR(2) + ' ', ''), CHAR(2), '') I used CHAR(2) because that is not commonly used in normal texts. Read more →


Finally, I am on vacation. I can't even remember when I had 4 week of contigous vacation last time! I wish the best to all of you, and see you soon again. Read more →

Microsoft MVP

Today it happened. I received the Microsoft MVP Award for my contributions to the Microsoft SQL Server community. I am very honored by the award and I will continue to work hard for the community to keep their trust in me. Read more →

Microsoft Connect - SSMS Debugger Issue

I've found an issue with the Debugger for SQL Server 2008 Management Studio a while ago. This is my way to ask you to endorse a fix Please let Microsoft know what you think about this suggestion. Read more →

I am proud and humble

A few months back, Adam Machanic launched a competition about "Grouped string concatenenation" here Now Adam has publish his results here and luckily my fourth suggestion was considered the overall winner! Read more →