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New Article series

I have started a new article series at Simple Talk. It's all about the transition from procedural programming to declarative programming.  First article is found here  And it is already viewed 5500 times. Read more →

MVP renewed

I got an email last friday telling me I was to keep my MVP status! What do one say about that? Except "Thank you". To all that reads my articles and posts. Read more →

Feedback from SQLBits 8

This years SQLBits occurred in Brighton. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to attend the full conference, I did a presentation at Saturday. Getting to Brighton was easy. Drove to Copenhagen airport at 0415, flew 0605 and arrived at Gatwick 0735. Read more →

A story from SQLvdb and Idera

A year or so back, I struggled with some consistency problems so I figured out I needed a way to "mount" backup files as a virtual database. At the time (SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008) my choice fell on Idera's SQLvdb because it felt easy enough to use. Read more →

Married with children

will happen in just 4 days. The child part is taken care of. Multiple times. Now it's time for the married part. Me and my girlfriend Jennie will be married in Bjuv church at 3pm, Saturday the 28th of August 2010. Read more →

CHECKSUM weakness explained

The built-in CHECKUM function in SQL Server is built on a series of 4 bit left rotational xor operations. See here in a previous forum post for more explanation. Today, I wanted to see how often a collision (or false positive) can occur. Read more →

Ten days left

As some of you know, I was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SQL Server in July last year. Now it's time to see if I get my MVP renewed, or if I lose the award. Read more →

My first encounter with SmartAssembly

Let me start by writing I am a supreme VB6 programmer, but I have very little experience with VB.Net, so I think I still need some more time learning SmartAssembly. SmartAssembly make obfuscating and merging dll files a piece of cake! Read more →

Unsupported and/or undocumented features

In my past competition for Phil Factor 'Subscription List' SQL Problem, I presented a technique of Ordered CTE Update which is explained more in detail by Mladen Prajdic. In the comments to the in-depth analysis follow-up article by MVP Kathi Kellenberger, there is now some sort of debate whether or not if it's responsible to present a technique like that. Read more →

Invitation to startup meeting for PASS Scania

PASS Scania is a new PASS chapter in Sweden which will promote the interest, networking and knowledge for professional SQL Server-users such as developers, DBA's and BI-specialist in Skåne. The Chapter also has a business alliance with an existing usergroup SQLUG. Read more →

First take on Azure

I created a small table with about 150,000 records in order to do some aggregations. There are some prerequisites to comply for, but that is easily done with replace function. With Azure, it took almost 4 times as long time as SQL Server Express on my old development machine to complete the query. Read more →

Subscription finally transferred

Today, it seems the transfer for the MSDN subscription I won for the Adam Machanic Grouped String Concatenation finally is done. It took almost 4 months with a lot of phone calls with Microsoft (I have spent more than 7 hours in this case). Read more →

Pass the Torch

Since I became a two-time winner of the "Phil Factor SQL Speed Phreak" competition, I was asked to host the next competition. You can find the competition here The "Phil Factor SQL Speed Phreak" competitions are about everyday problems and to get people come together and give input on how to solve the current problem in best possible way. Read more →

10 days old

Here is the lates addition to my family. In this picture the boy is 10 days old. The project name is now decided as "Johan Samuel Peter", username Samuel.   Legacy Comments Michelle Ufford 2009-10-19 re: 10 days old Congratulations, Peter! Read more →

New baby DBA

Today our son was born. A healthy baby of 4.4 kg (9.8 lbs) and 53 cm (20.9 inches). Both mother and son are well, and spend the night at the safety on the hospital. Read more →

Updated site

Yesterday I updated my site. It was not that appealing. This is how it looked before and this is how it loooks now I think it's a great improvement, even if there still are some things to fix. Read more →