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Performance Tuning Webcast

I found a pretty good webcast by Kimberly Tripp on Performance Tuning:

MSDN Webcast: SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning - Finding the Right Balance of Indexes – Level 200

It's probably more detailed than what the average DBA needs but if you're really wanting to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your database, this could be the ticket.


Legacy Comments

Derrick Leggett
re: Performance Tuning Webcast
It's only more than the average DBA needs if they are content to be "just average" for the rest of their lives. And, after interviewing a LOT of DBA candidates, the average DBA needs to learn a few things. It's not that hard to be slightly above average. :)

re: Performance Tuning Webcast
I was confused by that comment as well:

"It's probably more detailed than what the average DBA needs"

Every DBA should know this information. The average developer, however, might not know this detail but that's where the DBA jumps in and helps out.