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Test database connectivity

If you need to test connectivity from your workstation to a remote database server, here is a handy trick which will help you accomplish it.

Right-click on a blank area of your windows desktop and choose create new text file: 

 photo 1_CreateNew_zps906a421d.png 

Create and save the file name with something like TestConn.udl

 photo 2_TestConn_udl_zpsea90c68b.png

Notice the file extension is UDL which stands for Universal Data Link. 

 photo 3_DataLink_Properties_zps5383568f.png

Double-click the file shortcut to launch the UDL applet and choose the data provider connectivity you wish to test: 

 photo 4_Provider_zpsfcec948b.png

 Click Next, then type server name, authentication, database and click Test Connection: 

 photo 5_ServerDB_Conn_zps6d935696.png

1. If Test Connection succeeds, a confirmation message displays: 

 photo 6_Success_zpsb3792a80.png

2. After test connection succeeds, click ok to save the file.

The valid connection string just created can be viewed by right-clicking the file shortcut and choose 'Open With' > Notepad: 

 photo 8_OpenWith_zpse822afaa.png

You can now copy-paste the connection string and use it in code, scripts or clients to make a successful database connection: 

 photo 9_Notepad_zpsec994371.png


Hope this helps!

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