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SQL Server version information - xp_msver

This extended stored procedure has been documented and blogged elsewhere, however, I just discovered it today, and I thought it was cool enough, I'm reblogging it anyway.

xp_msver was a new extended stored procedure included with the release of SQL Server 2008.

Online documentation for SQL 2008 R2 version is the version most of my servers have so documentation link is here: xp_msver (Transact-SQL)

When xp_msver is issued at editor window, we get pretty comprehensive system information:

Name Internal_Value Character_Value
ProductName NULL Microsoft SQL Server
ProductVersion 786432 12.0.4100.1
Language 1033 English (United States)
Platform NULL NT x64
Comments NULL SQL
CompanyName NULL Microsoft Corporation
FileDescription NULL SQL Server Windows NT - 64 Bit
FileVersion NULL 2014.0120.4100.01 ((SQL14_PCU_main).150420-1653)
LegalCopyright NULL Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
LegalTrademarks NULL Microsoft SQL Server is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
OriginalFilename NULL SQLSERVR.EXE
PrivateBuild NULL NULL
SpecialBuild 268697601 NULL
WindowsVersion 268697601 6.3 (9600)
ProcessorCount 4 4
ProcessorActiveMask NULL f
ProcessorType 8664 NULL
PhysicalMemory 8192 8192 (8589463552)

(left off Index column to save space)

Very cool way to do a quick-and-dirty system inventory on each SQL instance.