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Multi-Language Support in Classic ASP

I was ask to create COM+ that will return data from DB2 to Classic ASP that has multi-language support.

At first, it was really a headache on how I can accomplish this project. I've try to just passed the data comming from DB2 directly to ASP but it was totally garbage.I get data from DB2 using Dataset and I loop each rows in the dataset to construct a string, since string datatype is compatible with Classic ASP, My delimiter per row is  "___NLINE__" and per column is 
"N$XITM_". Also in order to connect to DB2, I used Ritmo Driver for iSeries, its a third-party driver that supports .NET.

Well the solution is seems simple, I connect to DB2 server passed the query and then convert the result to Ascii Codes, I set a delimiter for every row, every item, and every letters from COM+ and pass it to ASP then convert again to characters by using spit() , Chr & ChrW function to convert to character since  the charset and code page is already declared.

C# Code for converting to ASCII - delimited by & per character:

public static string Chr(string str)
   if (str.Length > 0)
    StringBuilder retStr = new StringBuilder();
    char[] arrychr = str.ToCharArray(); 
    foreach (char chr in arrychr)
     int asciicode = (int)chr;
     retStr.Append("&" + asciicode.ToString());
    return retStr.ToString();
   return "";

                    Function in ASP to convert from ASCII to Characters:

Function ConvertToChar(byval str)
dim delrows, delitems, delcols
delrows  = "___NLINE__"
delcols  = "N$XITM_"
delitems = "&"
'return string
dim strConverted
dim arryRows, arryCols, arryItems
dim ctrrows, ctrcol, ctritems
'Ubound Var
dim UarryRows,UarryCols,UarryItems
strConverted = ""
dim ichr
'Get the Rows
 arryRows = split(str,delrows)
 UarryRows = Cint(Ubound(arryRows))
 for ctrrows = 0  to UarryRows
 'Get Columns
 arryCols = split(arryRows(ctrrows),delcols)
 UarryCols = Cint(ubound(arryCols))
 for ctrCol = 0 to UarryCols
  'Get Items
  arryItems = split(arryCols(ctrCol),delitems)
  UarryItems = Cint(UBound(arryItems)) 
   for ctrItems = 0 to UarryItems
    'checks if Item is ASCII Code
    if len(arryItems(ctrItems)) > 1 then 
     ichr =  cLng(arryItems(ctrItems))
     select case ichr
     case 219,254,221: 'this characters are whitespace
     case else:
      if ichr > 254 then
       strConverted = strConverted & Chrw(ichr)
       strConverted = strConverted & Chr(ichr)
      end if
     end select
     strConverted = strConverted & arryItems(ctrItems)
    end if
   'Adds NextItem Attrib
      if (ctrCol <> UarryCols) then strConverted = strConverted & delcols
  'Adds NextLine Attrib
   if (ctrrows <> UarryRows) then strConverted = strConverted & delrows
ConvertToChar = strConverted
End Function



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re: Multi-Language Support in Classic ASP
yah.. that's possible but the pain in the a$$ is displaying it in Classic ASP.. Im happy that ASP.NET is now available.