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SQL Server "Katmai"

Microsoft announced yesterday that the new version of SQL Server, code-named "Katmai", will be delivered in 2008. 

Check this out for information on "Katmai".

Legacy Comments

re: SQL Server "Katmai"
Wow we barely got to dig into 2005..already 2008...im in trouble..prolly shouldn't have moved our servers from 2k to 2k5...

re: SQL Server "Katmai"
MS has been saying for some time now that they plan on pushing out SQL Server on a more rapid schedule. If they keep to their plan you'll be seeing a new version ever 24-36 months.

Antony Clark
re: SQL Server "Katmai"
Sounds interesting, but thats all pretty vague. I'll be interested when theres some more substance to the promises.

Suresh Rajan.
re: SQL Server "Katmai"
Now only we are migrating from 2000 to 2005. Lot things to understand from 2005. if MS releases by 2008, We can directly move to 2008 instead of 2005