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Intermittent Copy/Paste Problem in RDP

If you use RDP to remotely connect to your servers, you've probably encountered a clipboard issue where copy/paste stops working. A quick Google search on the problem indicates you can easily fix the problem by logging out/logging back in or killing/restarting rdpclip. Read more →


I recently got setup at home with three identical monitors as I work from home often. Here's a picture of them. The left-most monitor is my main monitor for my work laptop. Read more →

OT: Kevin Bacon Theory

This is completely off-topic, but I thought it was interesting enough to post. Microsoft "confirms" the small world theory. We are linked by 6.6 degrees of separation, which is practically the Kevin Bacon "theory". Read more →

Open Command Window Here

Most of you probably already have done this, but just in case you haven't and find yourself frequently using cmd to run commands such as sqlcmd, you will find this registry "hack" useful. Read more →

New RSS Feed

Attention Loyal Readers, I've updated my RSS feed to use FeedBurner. If you haven't already done so, please update your link to this one: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RamblingsOfADba If you don't update your feed, you will be redirected to the new one. Read more →

Size Comparison Tool

I've been trying to determine what new cell phone I want to get since my current personal one is pretty old. One of the most important features that I am considering is its size. Read more →

Spam Comments

I deleted a few hundred spam comments today from my posts. I hadn't kept up with deleting them, so I had quite a bit of work to do today. Due to the amount of spam my posts have received, I've decided to close comments after 90 days so that the amount of spam is reduced. Read more →

Connect to console via RDP

Do you ever need to connect to the console of a server? Are you too lazy to go to the server to do it? If so, then check this out from a cmd window: Read more →


Have you tried out YourGMap? It allows you to plot multiple locations on one map (Google Maps) and publish it to the Internet for others to see. We are currently using it to plot the houses that we've looked at or need to look at in search for our new home. Read more →

Question for bloggers

I would like to make some changes to code that I posted for database maintenance routines. I'm wondering what your opinion is for modifying the originals or creating new ones. I need to change isp_DBCC_INDEXDEFRAG and isp_DBCC_DBREINDEX as the way it is coded now it will only do it for one of the indexes on each table. Read more →

It's hot here!

Well it's over 90 degrees in San Diego, CA this week. I went to the beach yesterday to escape the heat as did thousands of others (I should have sold my parking spot when I left). Read more →