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“...business is awful at communication and its scourge of blather is infecting us all. The woeful result is a withering of originality that impoverishes us all.“


How true. Even worse is when you hear this stuff in conversation at supposedly social gatherings.

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re: business blather
You mean like people "interfacing"? Or, one of my favorites, when everyone is sitting together in a conference room having a meeting, and they decide to "take that conversation OFFLINE". HELLO! We aren't ON-line, this is LIVE IN-PERSON! Maybe you want to postpone it, or come back to it later, or talk after the meeting, but you can't take it offline when it wasn't online in the first place!

My greatest frustration is that most of the time when I'm talking with someone who throws around jargon (whether it's management-speak or geek-speak) is that deep down, I don't believe they really know what they are talking about and they are trying to cover up for it.

But on a going-forward basis, in order to achieve greater transparency and empowerment for those around me, I resolve to shift my paradigm in order to focus on continuous imporovement by implementing best practices to enhance core strategic initiatives leading to greater commitment and accountability of all stakeholders. And if that doesn't work, I'll just make some changes and do the best I can.