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what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - unless

So..  my family and I just came back from a trip to Vegas.  Both a vacation and work (DevConnections/SQLConnections).  It was great.  I'm sure you've heard "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."  Well, unless you're 5 years old and your dad is going to blog about it :)

We were in a taxi, and the boys (8 and 5) were in the seat behind us when we heard one of them say "oh my God!  You can see their whole BUTTS!"

You can imagine the quickness with which I reached around to take away whatever it was they were looking at!

Thankfully, it wasn't porn.  Just a typical Vegas magazine with an article about showgirls at some casino.  After I looked through it to make sure it was "safe" I handed it back to them, laughing about those crazy butts..  And here's the best part..

My five year old immediately says to his big brother - "turn back to the girls!"

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Too funny...

A chip off the old block, eh?