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XML, SQL & DB2 V10

…or I guess it could be any platform.. Webcast/Conf Call on Monday…IBM Rep after 3 hours…I piped in… X002548: "ummm, excuse me, so are you saying that XML database models outperforms the relational model? Read more →

Sidekick? What the hell is a sidekick?

At first I thought it was a Suzuki... I was like, Damn they left their suzuki in a taxi...wait, let me read that again..So this is what it is Read more →

West Orange Ridership Community

W.O. Shuttle Service Hotline Number: 973-325-4183 Jitney Schedules  Well it looks like this blog entry is being spammed to death in the comments. I will update the blog section as required, and until I can clean up the hundreds of spam, we will have to leave it as is. Read more →

PASS 2005

Now that you're all making me extremely jealous, did anyone think to bring a camera along? I want some pix of the conference and the hotel. Anyone? Legacy Comments Mark 2005-09-29 re: PASS 2005 Yeah, Brett, I've got a camera. Read more →

Setting Matters Straight

Wow did I hit a nerve? In Fair or Fowl I asked what people thought of someone who republishes an article, acts like they made the world a better place with their so called advice, even though a team of people took the time and energy to explain a proper methodology, which was only parroted by said poster. Read more →

SQL Server MVP's

No Kidding...I should have guessed that Bill was one. There's a boat load of MVPs. Let's see who we know. OK so 85 ain't a boat load. I know or have spoken with Read more →

Fair or Fowl?

I think I'll have the Chardonay with that. But I don't know what to think when Fabian Pascal makes a reference to SQLTeam And doesn't reference the responses in that thread Read more →

The Official XML Ranting Site

XML RANT EDIT: 1/12/2005 Hey Look! An Official He-Man XML Haters Club Thread Until someone can post some reason why XML in SQL Server is a good thing, I'm starting this Official XML Ranting Post. Read more →


I just had to post this... And as far as Thanks Go, It's to SQLTeam... Best G-damn site on the planet Rob, Nigel, Damain, Arthur, Bill, Tara...Damn the list is too long. Read more →

Mille Bournes

From a SQLTeam freind, Thanks Duane QA Needs to be set to text mode and font courier SET NOCOUNT ON DECLARE @InpString VARCHAR(4000)DECLARE @CharCT INTDECLARE @PrevY INTDECLARE @CurrX INTDECLARE @CurrY INTDECLARE @InpRow VARCHAR(4000)DECLARE @RowCT INT Read more →

Come on Weekend!

CREATE FUNCTION Weekend (@Date Datetime)RETURNS datetimeASBEGINDECLARE @Weekend datetime IF (SELECT 6-DATEPART(dw,@Date)) < 0 BEGIN SELECT @Weekend =  CONVERT(datetime , CONVERT(varchar(10) , (DATEADD(dd , 13-DATEPART(dw,@Date) , @date)), 120) + ' 17:00:00') END ELSE BEGIN--Handles Friday itselfIF (SELECT 6-DATEPART(dw,@Date)) = 0 BEGIN --for after 1700 but before midnight IF (SELECT DATEDIFF(ss, @date , CONVERT(datetime, CONVERT(varchar(10) , @Date, 120)) + ' 17:00:00')) < 0 BEGIN SELECT @Weekend = CONVERT(datetime , CONVERT(varchar(10) , (DATEADD(dd, 13-DATEPART(dw,@Date) , @date)), 120) + ' 17:00:00') END ELSE --for before 1700 on Friday BEGIN SELECT @Weekend = CONVERT(datetime , CONVERT(varchar(10), @Date, 120) + ' 17:00:00') END END ELSE --Handles days before Friday BEGIN SELECT @Weekend = CONVERT(datetime , CONVERT(varchar(10) , (DATEADD(dd, 6-DATEPART(dw,@Date) , @Date)), 120) + ' 17:00:00') ENDENDReturn @WeekendENDGO Read more →

Important stuff First!

OK, How did Rob Alter his BLOG..very cool...right now I'm counting lines of code... Why? Because...someone hired Deloitte and Touche..  Anyway..back to the important things in life:  The Perfect Margarita 1) Fill shaker with broken cubed ice 2) Squeeze 2 fresh lime wedges into shaker 3) Add 2 oz. Read more →


Hey, my first BLOG. Hope I can post some interesting and useful stuff here. Let's see…where is that Margarita recipe… Legacy Comments SamC 2004-01-30 re: Welcome! Read more →