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SQL Server "Yukon" and the CLR

Mike Gunderloy wrote an excellent article introducing the use of CLR code to manipulate data in Yukon.

If you are wondering what .NET stored procs are going to look like, check this article out.

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Adam Weigert
re: SQL Server "Yukon" and the CLR
I'm beyond excited about Yukon ever since they released some info on it. I have some many use cases it will fulfill now without having to write complex XPs or odd batch processing programs ... Though I'm weary on the whole object data types I think there are some place where this could be used effectively, for instance a DateRange data type would be totally helpful ... also being able to create your own aggragates is a huge benefit ... these are just some of the minor things that i see ... its too far off ... it makes projects now seem painful knowing what you'll one day be able to do ...