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MSN Messenger runs on SQL Server Backend

Just saw this over on Robert Scoble's blog. MSN Messenger is now running on a SQL Server backend. That's way cool. If that isn't a good advertisement for SQL Server's scalability I don't know what is. Read more →

More comment spam

I just got a few comment spams in my blog. This is fairly common so I usually don’t mind so much. Except these ones were from ApexSQL Software, formally Lockwood Tech. Read more →

SQL Injection used to create trigger

Jon Galloway blogs about a website hack. A clever use of SQL Injection that will really make the site owners look bad.  Legacy Comments Tara 2004-05-06 re: SQL Injection used to create trigger That is very interesting. Read more →

Stored Procedure FUD

I was just chatting to a friend of mine who runs an online business, he was asking me about stored procs because he had been told by two people (including someone who works at the hosting company) that stored procs don't scale! Read more →


I was listening to the Brian Noyes episode of DotNetRocks today and one of his recommended essential tools was QuickCode.Net, a Visual Studio addin for code expansion. Essentially, this works like a macro that pastes in simple code templates based on a pattern. Read more →

SQL Server Web Administrator

Microsoft have released the SQL Server Web Data Administrator. A web intrerface to managing your datbases, users, stored procedures and for running ad-hoc queries. via Mike Gunderloy Legacy Comments Justin 2004-02-18 re: SQL Server Web Administrator Downloaded and installed. Read more →

Google service once again ruined by bloggers

<Tongue location="cheek"> Google has come under fire over the past year for allowing it's prized search results to become "polluted" by weblogs and webloggers. The latest venture by the search giant, a "social networking" site named Orkut looks like suffering the same fate. Read more →

New MVP and RD announcements

It's the time of year that Microsoft start announcing the new MVPs. The big news around here is that Graz is finally an MVP. Graz started and built SQLTeam back in 2000 and the site and forums have helped out thousands of SQL Server developers since then, as well as becoming a second home for a bunch of us. Read more →

Blog Comment Spam

It seems the comment spambots have figured out .Text. I've had three spams today left in my comments. Legacy Comments Scott Mitchell 2004-01-10 re: Blog Comment Spam Yeah, blog comment spam sucks. Read more →

Updated Version

Actually, there is an updated version that supports categories. When Graz gets around to updating Weblogs.Sqlteam.com to .Text 0.95 we can take advantage of that...hint hint.... Read more →

Area man blames tools for own lack of knowledge.

Sounds like a headline from The Onion doesn't it ? Something I've mentioned once or twice is my annoyance at people who use the GUI tools that Microsoft supply as an excuse to not know what is actually going along behind the scenes. Read more →

SQL Server "Yukon" and the CLR

Mike Gunderloy wrote an excellent article introducing the use of CLR code to manipulate data in Yukon. If you are wondering what .NET stored procs are going to look like, check this article out. Read more →

don't log on as sa, dummy

Phil Scott gives an excellent rundown on why your application shouldn't use the SA account to log in with. This link might serve you well as a handy page slap next time you see "sa" in a connection string. Read more →

SQLTeam.com RSS Goodness

SQLTeam.com just went public about some new toys we have been playing with over the last few weeks. The first is... The SQLTeam.com Article RSS feed. Get it at http://www.sqlteam.com/rss.asp. Read more →

The case for stored procedures in ASP.NET

Rob Howard lays the smack down on anyone not using stored procedures for data access in their ASP.NET applications. Keep this link handy for the next time someone brings up the "but I want to be database independant" argument. Read more →

This article brought to you by….

I just published a new article on SQLTeam titled "Using the PARSENAME function to split delimited data". I've already had a few comments from people about the code coloring in the article. Read more →