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Stored Procedure FUD

I was just chatting to a friend of mine who runs an online business, he was asking me about stored procs because he had been told by two people (including someone who works at the hosting company) that stored procs don't scale!

Apparrently, you can't use them in a cluster or any sort of balanced environment.

Now, obviously this is total BS, has anyone come across this sort of FUD before ? I'd love to know the origin of this.


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re: Stored Procedure FUD
Interesting rumor. We run a mission critical application in a clustered environment that uses stored procedures. Works like a champ!

re: Stored Procedure FUD
Haven't heard that one yet, but I have a feeling the reason they "can't" scale is because they don't use the latest web services XML thingamajig that you can add on to your SQL Server to magically boost its performance by 200% because...it's an XML Web Service running under .Net.

(no, it doesn't actually DO anything, but hey, it's an XML Web Service and it's gonna improve your performance! Somebody said it would!)

Anyhow, it's definitely a developer who said that. :)

re: Stored Procedure FUD
That is a beauty! High quality FUD indeed. I have heard a developer say that VIEWs don't scale!!!!

re: Stored Procedure FUD
Sounds to me that the thing that doesn't scale is the intelligence of whoever said that. As their databases get bigger, their brains must actually shrink!

the gigolo
re: Stored Procedure FUD
"Anybody who thinks that stored procedures dont scale he she is the stupid"


re: Stored Procedure FUD
I haven't heard that one but thanks for the good laugh. My company here before i came in said it was better to not use stored procedures in code and write the code into the application more. They had a huge push for it also. :)

re: Stored Procedure FUD
It ain't FUD. It's misinformation. It's wrong. It's possibly a myth that has its roots in some kernel of truth from some prior point, but it ain't FUD. But I guess I wouldn't expect a crew of M$ worshippers to be able to identify FUD, since you're all so used to being fed and accepting it.

re: Stored Procedure FUD

I am in awe at your credibility

re: Stored Procedure FUD
Heheh! this is great... I think that I may have finally found a home ;-)

My now former Employer (who shall remain nameless to protect the stupid) had a development leader (way up the food chain) that was openly against stored procedure use.

No matter how much myself and the lead database developer hammered away the benefits of stored procedures he would not listen. He kept reciting the matra "I don't want any business logic in the database!". Granted the current schema had a ton of business logic in stored procedures and a majority of it was not required, but isn't that like saying that "since some database developers have abused index views in the past that we will never use indexed views... period!" ?

I better go... I feel my rant coming on :-)