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More comment spam

I just got a few comment spams in my blog. This is fairly common so I usually don’t mind so much. Except these ones were from ApexSQL Software, formally Lockwood Tech. Read more →

Stored Procedure FUD

I was just chatting to a friend of mine who runs an online business, he was asking me about stored procs because he had been told by two people (including someone who works at the hosting company) that stored procs don't scale! Read more →

Area man blames tools for own lack of knowledge.

Sounds like a headline from The Onion doesn't it ? Something I've mentioned once or twice is my annoyance at people who use the GUI tools that Microsoft supply as an excuse to not know what is actually going along behind the scenes. Read more →

don't log on as sa, dummy

Phil Scott gives an excellent rundown on why your application shouldn't use the SA account to log in with. This link might serve you well as a handy page slap next time you see "sa" in a connection string. Read more →

Software Fashions

An interesting article about fads in software development. Rob will appreciate this : XML is best at representing data in a clean and open fashion. Anything more is stretching the point, like sticking a saddle on a pig and calling it a micro-horse. Read more →

Versioning Code

Why oh why do some developers not feel the need to version stored procedures ? On a current project I have been watching a developer (who happens to be working on a different project to me) work. Read more →