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I was listening to the Brian Noyes episode of DotNetRocks today and one of his recommended essential tools was QuickCode.Net, a Visual Studio addin for code expansion. Essentially, this works like a macro that pastes in simple code templates based on a pattern. Read more →

SQL Server Web Administrator

Microsoft have released the SQL Server Web Data Administrator. A web intrerface to managing your datbases, users, stored procedures and for running ad-hoc queries. via Mike Gunderloy Legacy Comments Justin 2004-02-18 re: SQL Server Web Administrator Downloaded and installed. Read more →

This article brought to you by….

I just published a new article on SQLTeam titled "Using the PARSENAME function to split delimited data". I've already had a few comments from people about the code coloring in the article. Read more →

Version Controlled SQL Tools

Sean Price asks in my comments about the existance of SQL development tools that integrate with source control tools. He also points out that you can use Visual Studio, I really don't like that way Visual Studio implements this as you still aren't getting a script generated for the objects you have developed. Read more →


Justin FINALLY got around to learning how to use Codesmith. I have only been trying to get him to do that for 2 months. I have mentioned Codesmith on the forums before as I feel compelled to let everyone know how useful this tool is. Read more →