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Women in Tech at PASS Summit

"Energizing the Next Generation: Encouraging and Inspiring Young Women to Choose Tech Careers" will be the topic of the 7th Annual Women in Technology Luncheon and Panel Discussion to be held at the PASS Community Summit.

This year's speakers include SQL Server MVPs and PASS leaders Kathi Kellenberger and Jessica Moss as well as Digigirlz organizer Lyn Langit and Cathi Rodgveller, founder of IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now in Technology.)

The luncheon will be on Wednesday November 4 at 11:30 a.m in room 6C. All Summit attendees are welcome.

Visit the summit web site for more information.

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Steve Lemme
re: Women in Tech at PASS Summit
Technology and great speakers, sponsored by CA Inc. Certaintly a great session for any PASS participant to attend.