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Last sunday I got stuck when I tried to use the XML Task of System Integration Services Control Flow toolbox.

I was using the April's CTP and the problem was…..the documentation :-D. If you want to do an XPATH query within your XML Task you have to use the "Second Operand" properties to define your XPATH query, and not the XPathSource properties.

Of course this property is not accessible from the "edit" window but you have to look for it using the standard property panel in Visual Studio (aka BI Development Studio).

Hope this help you to save hours of work….

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Javier Luna
re: XML Task
I believe that any DataLayer must be a simple code block, that they allow operations against DB.

That code block would not have to know on the Business Entities. Single to specialize it is to execute the operations (Store Procedures and SQL Sentences) against the engine DB (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.), with which this setting.

Finally, I invite to you to download the DataLayer.Primitives Public Version.

This is very cool Data Layer :)

DataLayer.Primitives - Readme!


Javier Luna

Andre Leon
re: XML Task (Warning about Javier Luna)
Be carefull with this guy...!!! is a spammer with personality problems


Andre Leon