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Side-by-Side !Solution

Solutions and Projects were one of the really cool features introduced in SQL Server 2005, judging from the responses I got when I showed how it works.  Personally, I use them a lot.  SQL 2008 has the same feature in SQL Server Management Studio.  However, SSMS 2008 breaks this feature in SQL 2005 SSMS when installed side-by-side.

See all the ugly details here:

This also affects 64-bit systems, I just happened to find it on a 32-bit box first.

I am guessing that this failure is inherited from SSMS's Visual Studio ancester, which may make it difficult for the SQL team to fix..  No matter how hard I try, I cannot come up with a good reason that it should work this way.  I have thought of several bad reasons, but I will hold off on the rock throwing.

 UPDATE!!  SQL 2008 CU1 fixes this, at least for 64-bit systems.