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PASS Summit 2009 Musings

The 2009 PASS community summit was a fantastic week.  There is something about Seattle (rain) that makes this conference special(hills).  Only the top folks get to present and they bring their best game.  Learning here really is a lot like taking a drink from a fire hose, except you always want more.

The best part of the Summit is being in a group of fellow database professionals.  Folks who understand a SELECT joke. Let's face it, most of us DBAs work alone or nearly so.  Only a few large organizations have more than one or two of us on the payroll. Being surrounded by a couple of thousand geeks with the same technical specialization is very unusual for us.  And we like it.

So if you did go, be sure and get the DVD set.  If not, then start making plans for next year.  If your company won't pay, consider it an investment in yourself.  And don't forget the pre- and post-conference sessions.  Those are some of the best deep-dive training classes around.

Once you go, you get hooked.  Content, networking, and just the experience of the PASS Summit are some of the best parts of this profession.  Come on and join us, won't you?


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Michael J Swart
re: PASS Summit 2009 Musings
I couldn't have said it better Geoff. That was my experience as well.
So many people to meet.... probably 100 less strangers in the world this week.