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SQL 2008 CTP5 First Glance

Microsoft began releasing SQL 2008 CTP5 yesterday through Connect. It should hit MSDN within a few days so everyone can play along. The most obvious change for this release is a much-needed improvement replacement of the installer. Read more →

Online Reindex = ON

For the past several editions, SQL Books On-Line (BOL) has helpfully included a script to rebuild or defragment (since 2000) an index. Being Microsoft, this script is NOT located under the reindex or defragmentation topic, it is included in the fragmentation analysis section. Read more →


Hopefully, I won't need a CATCH Block.  In case that opening sentence didn't give you a hint, I am a bit of a tech geek. Bill Graziano talked me into joining this merry band while at the PASS summit last week. Read more →