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Virtual Lab part 2–Templates, Patterns, Baselines

Once you have a good virtualization platform chosen, whether it is a desktop, server or laptop environment, the temptation is to build “X”. “X” may be a SharePoint lab, a Virtual Cluster, an AD test environment or some other cool project that you really need RIGHT NOW. Read more →

PASS Summit Location

Both Tom LaRock and Andy Warren recently posted blogs on PASS Summit 2013 locations. As was announced at the 2010 Summit, we have a contract that keeps the Summit in Seattle for 2011 and 2012. Read more →


By now those that are interested have noticed the latest PASS board changes.Two members resigned for professional reasons.Myself and Mark Ginnebaugh were asked to serve the remainder of their terms.As per the usual practice, the board reached out to non-winning candidates from the prior slate. Read more →

How Low Can You Go

I was recently called in to what has to be the most interesting low-availability environment I have ever seen. There was not any single thing that I had not seen before, but to see all of them together in one place was truly amazing. Read more →


Why?   No technical content on this one, sorry.   A couple of weeks ago, I signed up as a candidate for the Board of Directors for SQLPASS.Many of the other candidates have posted on why they chose to run. Read more →

PASS Summit 2009 Musings

The 2009 PASS community summit was a fantastic week. There is something about Seattle (rain) that makes this conference special(hills). Only the top folks get to present and they bring their best game. Read more →

Auto-Fragmenting Databases

Anyone who has spent time in the computer business and has some grasp of hardware issues understands fragmentation.For those whose concept of hardware is limited to “it’s the part I can kick”, here is a quick and painless overview. Read more →

Free Space Fundamentals

One of the easy ways to fail at database administration is to allow your databases to self-manage space.Autogrow is a safety valve, not a pressure regulator.Of course, to manage space you have to know exactly how much free space you have. Read more →

PowerShell, Sport of the Future

<w:sdtpr></w:sdtpr><w:sdt id="89512082” title="Post Title” storeitemid="X_19133381-BE7C-4F1A-98DF-18F2EE424C7F” text="t” docpart="DC9F1CADC2C240489A71F0D7E99C41C2” xpath=”/ns0:BlogPostInfo/ns0:PostTitle"></w:sdt>No wait, that’s kickboxing.PowerShell is the something of the future.The management interface, the uber-scripting language, the what??? PowerShell, and its SQL-targeted implementation shipped with SQL Server 2008, brings to mind Michael Faraday’s response when asked “What use is electricity? Read more →

More, More, More

Fast on the heels of SQL 2008 is the Feature Pack for SQL 2008. Cool goodies include stand-alone installers for SQLCMD and the SQL Native Client, SQL 2008 Server Management Objects, SQL 2008 pre-defined Policies, and lots more. Read more →

Speaking Schedule

If you feel an uncontrollable urge to listen to my voice or to meet me in person, here is your chance. You can listen to me on Greg Low's SQL Down Under Podcast. Read more →


One definition of leverage is "the use of a small initial investment, credit, or borrowed funds to gain a very high return in relation to one's investment, to control a much larger investment, or to reduce one's own liability for any loss. Read more →