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My momma always said share.

PASS 2008 inexpensive room

FYI, if you are attending 2008 Pass, and are on your own dime or saving your employer money, it may be possible to get rooms at the La Quinta right next to the convention center right at $100. Read more →

Milliseconds to Detail

I use this function for testing. It takes in milliseconds and spits out the whole number value in various other rulers (seconds, minutes, etc). USE MaasSql GO USE [MaasSql] GO /****** Object: UserDefinedFunction [cCode]. Read more →

DTS Script out - SQL Server 2000

My preferred method of persisting a DTS package is by saving it to the server and backing up MSDB. At one of my employers, I found many filepaths and other should be variables hardcoded in. Read more →

DTS Logging - SQL Server 2000

It’s been a while since I used DTS. I was trying to remember the right way to do logging in DTS. First, I just said - hey, I’ll do a File System Object File. Read more →

Sql Server Management Studio Slow

I really dug this explanation of the “slowness” in Management Studio. This is the “official” kb article: Read more →

Why Views are evil.

Synopsis: Views are evil, bad, buggy, temperamental, tortuous, and should be avoided. Years ago, when I started out as a wee developer graduating from Microsoft Access, I tried and did port my favorite functionality of Access to Sql Server 2000. Read more →

My momma always said share.

My momma always told me to share. Thankfully, sharing isn't always a two way street. Thankfully, because, I've never been great at it. I used to feel guilty every time I used the Internet to solve a problem at work. Read more →