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My momma always said share.

My momma always said share.

My momma always told me to share.  Thankfully, sharing isn't always a two way street. 

Thankfully, because, I've never been great at it.  I used to feel guilty every time I used the Internet to solve a problem at work.  After all, weren't they paying "me" not "them" to sweat?  

Long story short, Internet Usage Guilt ( IUG ) is no longer on my medical chart.  In fact, I'm hoping to not just continue my Internet usage, but to start on that two way street of giving.  My mom would be proud.  If she knew what the Internet is.

It's been said that as you give, so you will receive.  Before even posting once on SqlTeam, I've been given some great news I longed for over many days:
Mladen, going by the handle Spirit1 here on SqlTeam, has RedGate-ish software that I'm jumping to try.  Reading the features list makes my mouth salivate with glee!  I will of course be PayPal-ing, as soon as the next PayCheck arrives….

So basically, I hope this blog will serve as my two way payback for all the years of sharing on SqlTeam.

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thanx! glad to hear you like it :))