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SQLTeam Dating Advice !

These are actual, unedited SQLTeam post subjects that you also might find in a dating forum:

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Kate Jones
Whom should I date ???
I’m a female student and I am seriously confused about my sexuality. I spend most of my social life getting drunk, so that I don’t have to face this problem. I have dated guys, but I never get very close to them. Girls make me feel safe and I can relate better to them. I may sound like I am straight and they are just best friend, but I recently met a girl at university and took an instant liking to her and dated her a few times –that’s different to the way I feel about my other mater; I just want to be near her. I’d love to tell her about my feelings, but I don’t know her well enough and she can blab to other and made my life a misery.

Should I date men only, am I straight?

Kate Jones

joey de jesus
re: SQLTeam Dating Advice !
@kate JoneS. Oh my! are you a part of the joke?