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Welcome 2009!

Happy New Years! (noise makers sounding in the background, confetti and streamers softly floating down behind me). I hope you all had a wonder New Year's Day holiday. Now it's back to work.

This fall was quite busy for me. I spoke at a couple of user group meetings, two conferences in two countries, and best of all received into this world a new son, Timothy. For anyone counting that makes four children for me and my wonderful bride of 11+ years.

I also received word yesterday that I was re-awarded as a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for 2009. It's the fifth time I've received the honor and I'm definitely humbled to be even be mentioned in the same breath with such a great group of people. If you're not familiar with the MVP program, here's a link to the official home page of the Microsoft MVP program.

Anyway, with all of the fall's activities, my blogging efforts suffered a bit. The number of posts over last 3 months of the year were down significantly compared to the prior 9 months. The timing also corresponded to my Twittering activities too. I've found that it's very convenient to share technical resources and links via short Tweets rather than compile it into a longer blog. They shouldn't be mutually exclusive, though.

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions, but I have decided to again turn my attention to blog posts. So keep an eye our for some new content here.