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SQL Monitoring

We are trying what's up gold's new sql monitor plug in.  It allows me to monitor basic sql server statuses and also sql alerts.  So far it works great, but it does not handle named instances yet.  This fact will keep us  from implementing it now, but they promise a fix soon.  I liked the fact that this would integrate into our existing monitoring solution.  We have been really happy with What's up Gold for our other monitoring needs.  The sql tool looks at the sql services, page reads and writes,transactions and cpu utilization.  You can set notification thresholds on all of these items.  I f you are using what's up gold I would look at the new sql plug in.

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Craig M. Rosenblum
re: SQL Monitoring
There is a great tool called SQL Stripes, can monitor multiple servers, determine hard drive sizes, failed tasks, it is very cool, and easy to setup.

anil rathore
re: SQL Monitoring
how can I monitor the MS SQL server services using what's up gold 7.0

re: SQL Monitoring
They have a module available to monitor the sql server services.

Alex Montilla
re: SQL Monitoring
Require monitor SQL Server running SAP

re: SQL Monitoring
Don't you just hate Spammers???
Thanks for the tip on what's up gold's!