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Why I hate Commuter airlines.

I was flying home from the PASS summit today and I had to change planes in Dallas. I went from a real jet to the the dreaded commuter plane. They sent us down the jetway where we climbed down the steps and stepped on to the tarmac. Read more →

PASS Sumit Day 2

Gordon Mangione showed off a lot of features for Yukon in the key note this morning. DTS has been completeley rewriten and integrated into the Workbench (SQL Ent Manager) No more modal windows in the work bench. Read more →

SQL PASS Summit in Seattle Day 1

I spent all day Tuesday attending a session on indexing with Kim Tripp. I really learned how much I did not know about indexing for sql server. It really gave me some things to think about. Read more →

SQL Monitoring

We are trying what's up gold's new sql monitor plug in. It allows me to monitor basic sql server statuses and also sql alerts. So far it works great, but it does not handle named instances yet. Read more →

SQL DMO application

I have been working on a VB and SQL DMO application to script out all the objects in a database. I am using this to get snapshots of our development databases. Read more →

Denying permissions on a column.

I was recently asked to block or deny access to 2 columns in our reporting database. I noticed that you can only deny 1 column permission at a time. This command will deny select on the table and update on the columns. Read more →

New concept for outsourcing IT needs.

This company has a new idea for outsourcing the entire IT staff. Legacy Comments Brett 2003-10-01 re: New concept for outsourcing IT needs. Read more →

SQL Agent stopping backups

I have been working to reduce the amount of data that could be lost in the event of a crash. This amounts to more frequent log backups and log backups right up to the nighlty backup. Read more →

Compaq Caching causes error 823(torn page)

I read Rocket Scientists cluster blog and I can synpathize with him. We updated our Compaq cluster to the latest firmware so we could install SP4 for Win2k. 12 hours after install transient error 823 began to occur. Read more →