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Why I hate Commuter airlines.

I was flying home from the PASS summit today and I had to change planes in Dallas.  I went from a real jet to the the dreaded commuter plane.  They sent us down the jetway where we climbed down the steps and stepped on to the tarmac.  Here were 4 planes that all looked the same and no one to direct us to the correct plane.  Being sheep we all climbed on board the closest one.  We began to get situatated when the attendant announced welcome to flight # blah service to New Orleans  oops that is not  Kansas City.  We all scrambled to get our stuff and get off the plane and hope fully onto the right one.  Eventually we did find the correct plane and made it home safely to KC.  Oh well at least we made it home.  I hope tomorrows trip to Chicago goes a little smoother.