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Software Development Cycle truism

For all enthusiasts out there this is how software development cycle works no matter what the project is:   Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free. Product is tested. Read more →

Weekend Fun: Bruce Schneier Facts

We all heard about the Chuck Norris Facts, right? Well if you're a fan of security you have to be familiar with Bruce Schneier and his excellent blog. What I didn't know is that he also has a collection of facts! Read more →

The dangers of blogging by Yossi Vardi

This is a very "serious" talk presented by legendary Israeli investor and community-builder Yossi Vardi. It talks about the dangers of blogging especially for males.     Direct video link here. Read more →

Become a Better Developer in 6 months. How?

Yes, me too. :) I was tagged with this by Denis who has liven (is that even a word?) up to his nick "The SQL Meance". Bad Dennins, bad! As lame as this thing might be and it does reminds us of the dreaded chain letters (anyone remeber getting those by normal mail. Read more →

Why is MVP Summit under NDA?

We had an interesting discussion here about Katmai (the next SQL Server version) Of course it was discussed in the latest MVP summit, but noone can say anything because it's all under NDA. Read more →

How Yahoo! Mail just made me laugh

I use Yahoo's mail service since 1996. But today i doscovered a new thing that made me laugh for half an hour. You have to use their ajax-ifed beta version. Click Compose and start clicking on the subject button. Read more →

Math geek humor

A derivative is walking down the street and sees a hot function. So he grabs her, takes her into the bushes and differentiates her once. Little later he sees another function and differentiates her twice. Read more →

VS 2k5 autogenerated code gem

A coworker found this in code generated by Visual Studio 2005: this.sqlSelectCommand2.CommandText = "SELECT columnName1, columnName2, columnName3, columnN" + "ame4, columnName5, columnName6 FROM MyViewFromMa" + "nyTables" Searching for MyViewFromManyTables is beautifull. Read more →

SQL Refactor beta is out

I usually don't do these kind of posts but for this i'll make an exception :) This is such an awsome tool for me for one reason only: SQL Formatting Read more →

Aptana - The Web IDE

I came across this "little" tool today via Mike Gunderloy's The Daily Grind. Tried it out. LOVE IT. My JavaScript development from now one is only in Aptana IDE. And the coolest first observation you see is an IE and/or Firefox icon near the Javascript function you want to use that tells you if it's compatible with the browser and DOM 1 and/or DOM 2. Read more →

Copy Source As Html (CSAH)

I've come across Tod Hiliton's blog via Jason Haley's Interesting finds and there i found this great little add-in for VS2005. The add-in was created by J.T.Leigh, i've installed it and I must say it works beutifully. Read more →

I came accross this site and i must admit i've become an instant fan :)) It's Roller has the most amazing collection of sql blogs i've found so far. It's created by Peter DeBetta and Adam Machanic as far as i can tell. Read more →