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Yep, I’m a SQL Server MVP.

As of today I’m the third Slovenian SQL Server MVP. Thanx to all who nominated me! Let’s see how this year goes and i’m sure it’ll be a blast, but most importantly: See you all at the MVP Summit next year! Read more →

SQL Server - How many times is the subquery executed?

Adam Machanic launced his second TSQL tuesday: Invitation for T-SQL Tuesday #002: A Puzzling Situation. The theme is to show something interesting and not expected by the first look. You can follow posts for this theme on Twitter by looking at #TSQL2sDay hashtag. Read more →

SSMS Tools Pack 1.7 is out! New feature: SQL Snippets

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the STP is back to rock your world! The new feature is SQL Snippets to speed up your development. This new version brings one completely new option, full GUI redesign, completely rewritten installer, improved error handling and reporting, bug fixes and old features improvements. Read more →

The 24 hours of PASS

On September 2nd this years biggest online SQL Server related event will begin. It’s the 24 hours of PASS. The 24 one-hour presentations will begin at 00:00 GMT (UTC) on September 2, 2009 and it will last full 24 hours. Read more →