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My Recommendation of Ryan Adams for the PASS Board

Campaigning for the PASS Board of Directors election is underway. I encourage all eligible voters to read the candidate statements and learn about their perspectives and plans for PASS. Ask questions of the candidates at their Town Hall events on September 15 or in the discussion forums. Visit the elections page for links to these communication channels.

All of the candidates are qualified to serve and have strong track records of volunteer involvement with PASS; voters will have to make some difficult choices. One of these candidates is Ryan Adams. I have been encouraging Ryan to run for the past couple of years because I think he is the type of thoughtful leader we need on the Board. I was pleased when Ryan decided to run and happy to provide a recommendation as part of his application. That recommendation is reprinted here to explain why I think Ryan is a strong candidate in this election.

I have had the opportunity to work with Ryan Adams on several PASS-related activities and I enthusiastically recommend him as a candidate for the Board of Directors.

When I first joined the Board and had responsibility for the Virtual Chapter portfolio, Ryan was a Virtual Chapter leader. In that capacity he not only led the Performance VC, but he assisted other VC leaders.

In my first year we needed to onboard the VCs to a new webinar platform. Ryan contributed to that project throughout; he was one of the leaders who helped evaluate and recommend a solution. He was one of the first leaders to adopt the new platform and helped others onboard through providing documentation and training. This is illustrative of Ryan’s approach to volunteerism–he goes above and beyond in his contributions, and he generously helps others.

As Performance VC leader Ryan is always looking for ways to market the group’s webinars and as a result attendance has grown and they have become one of the strongest, most active VCs. Under Ryan’s leadership the VC added a new offering, the “Performance Palooza”, which has become a very popular annual event. And true to form, Ryan has shared his marketing tips with the other VC leaders.

I’ve been impressed not only by what Ryan does for PASS, but how he does it. He encourages and thanks his fellow volunteers and never takes the work of others for granted. He has cultivated good working relationships with other volunteer leaders of PASS and PASS HQ, which is so important to the success of the organization.

Ryan’s thoughtful approach to leadership and ability to see the big picture are qualities that will serve him well should he be elected to the board. I am pleased to offer this reference in support of his candidacy.


Denise McInerney

PASS Vice President, Marketing