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"I hear mauve has more RAM"

A Case for Women in Technology

Pragmatic Works and the PASS Women in Tech chapter are co-sponsoring a webinar series featuring women speakers. I presented a session on “A Case for Women in Technology” explaining why we are all affected by the lack of women studying and working in tech. Read more →

A seat at the "24 Hours of PASS" table

"Sit at the table." This was a piece of advice offered to women by Microsoft GM Billie Jo Murray during the recent PASS Women in Technology Panel Discussion. Sometimes the tables we encounter are actual tables (do you sit against the wall at big meetings? Read more →

What can men do?

The PASS Women in Technologyluncheon topic of "Energizing the Next Generation" must have resonated with a number of men attending the conference, since more of them came to the luncheon than ever before. Read more →

18 Percent

18 percent. That's the percentage of undergraduate degrees in Computer Science awarded to women in the U.S. in 2008. Twenty years ago 37% of CS degrees were awarded to women. Why such a precipitous decline? Read more →

Women in Tech at PASS Summit

"Energizing the Next Generation: Encouraging and Inspiring Young Women to Choose Tech Careers" will be the topic of the 7th Annual Women in Technology Luncheon and Panel Discussion to be held at the PASS Community Summit. Read more →

PASS 2008 Women In Tech Panel

The PASS Community Summit will be site of the 6th Annual Women in Tech Luncheon and Panel Discussion. Speakers include: Billie Jo Murray, General Manager SQL Central Services, Microsoft Crystal Robinson-Pipersburgh, Sr. Read more →

PASS Women in Tech Survey

The PASS Women in Tech SIG is starting to plan the WIT event for the 2007 PASS Community Summit. In the past those of us planning this event have relied on informal feedback and the evaluations completed by participants at previous events when making decisions. Read more →

PASS launches Women in Tech SIG

The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) has launched a new special interest group dedicated to the interests of women working in hi-tech. The Women in Technology SIG is a way for women in PASS to meet, network and learn from one another. Read more →

Women in Tech @ PASS 2006

The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) 2006 Community Summit is less than two months away. As Program Committee manager for this year's conference, I'm very pleased with how our schedule of speakers and sessions has shaped up. Read more →

Women in Tech @ PASS

One of the highlights of the PASS Summit for me the past few years has been the Women in Technology lunch and panel discussion. As a female member of PASS and woman working in IT, I'm encouraged that this event is included as part of the Summit. Read more →