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Random Thoughts & Cartesian Products with Microsoft SQL Server

UNPIVOT: Normalizing data on the fly

Everyone seems to want to "pivot" or "cross tab" data, but knowing how to do the opposite is equally important. In fact, I would argue that the skill of "unpivoting" data is more useful and more important and more relevant to a SQL programmer, since pivoting results in denormalized data, while unpivoting can transform non-normalized data into a normalized result set. Read more →

You Know, There's a Much Easier Way…

Let's say you are struggling on a programming project. Your code is growing exponentially and becoming more convoluted by the day, and it is clearly out of control. You're getting run-time errors, compile-time errors, wrong output, no output, endless loops, your machine is overheating, and perhaps you are starting to feel like you might be a little over your head. Read more →

DataTable, DataView and CreateDataReader

Here's something I was not aware of in .NET 2.0+ that I recently discovered. There is a new DataTableReader class that implements IDataReader so that you can loop through an in-memory DataTable using the same interface that you would to loop through a SqlDataReader. Read more →

Does SQL Server Short-Circuit?

I got an email recently regarding one of my early blog posts from the olden days: Steve Kass wrote about your post:"there is no guarantee that WHERE <filter 1> OR <filter 2> will be optimized so that the filters are evaluated in the order typed". Read more →

Top N Percent per Group

Here's a good question in the feedback from my post about using the T-SQL 2005 features to return the Top N per Group of a result set: Sani writes: What about Top n Percent per Group? Read more →

A Follow-Up on Programming Forums ….

I have to wonder: is it a sign of good writing when people interpret your words in multiple ways, or is it a sign of bad writing? I really don't know – I think it can go either way, I suppose it depends on what your intent is. Read more →


Let's take a look at another one of those stupid, arbitrary SQL Server error messages that Bill Gates clearly only created because Micro$oft is evil and incompetent and they want to annoy us (and probably kill baby squirrels, too): Read more →