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SQL Server SQL Injection from start to end

SQL injection is a method by which a hacker gains access to the database server by injecting specially formatted data through the user interface input fields. In the last few years we have witnessed a huge increase in the number of reported SQL injection attacks, many of which caused a great deal of damage. Read more →

Watershed Image Segmentation in C#

Lately I've been doing some image processing work using the most amazing AForge.NET open source library written in C#. This library contains a whole bunch of useful filters you can play with but unfortunately it doesn't contain any filter for segmentation. Read more →

SQL Server 2005 evil DBA prank

Today I feel a bit evil minded so I thought I'd share this little prank-friendly function. If you put this into a .Net Assembly you import to SQL Server as a function or a stored procedure Read more →

.Net: Passing user data with Exception back to the caller method

We're all familiar (i hope :)) with this construct: try { // ... some code here ... } catch (Exception ex) { // one of these 2 lines are usually seen throw; // presereves the full call stack //throw ex; // changes the origin of exception to this method } finally { // more stuff here }  It's a standard error catching routine in . Read more →